an unsatisfying explanation of who I am.

Seaford NY.

I've been messing around with painting since around 2002. That's like junior year of high school for me.

I started with oil paint markers, made by DecoColor. I continued to use paint markers until 2016, when I finally started using brushes, all thanks to some "drink and paint" nights with my wife. If you've never done it before, I highly recommend it. It's like $35 on groupon; BYOB.

So that was acrylic and I did that for about a year. A few months ago (summer of 2017) I decided to experiment with using oil, which I find to be a lot more fun.

I've always enjoyed painting and drawing skylines, which grew into skylines with clouds, then with trees, then with bridges. I've started adding other stuff like people and boats. We'll see where that goes.

With a history of painting patterns and straight lines, I've spent 2016-17 trying to be more expressionistic with impressionism, while also trying to have more of an emphasis on how light affects objects.

In 2018, I've moved on to a more realistic approach with charcoal, oil, and gouache. I've also studied more cubism, art deco, art nouveau, and trompe l'oeil... which should bring some interested and fun stuff if I ever get the time to play around.



I'm always looking for inspiration, outside of skylines and trees. I'm available for commissions to create you custom paintings or illustrations from as low as $40.

You can follow me on Facebook or Twitter for a streamline of new artwork, or you can follow me on Instagram if you want to creep on my personal life.

Or go to the Get in Touch page and tell me I suck, or something.

cubist self portrait

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