Currently Working on: Path Bridge

Originally, I wanted to create a painting that was a realistic representation of cardboard, with this spacey looking sky.

So, I made my idea out of cardboard so I could just, paint the cardboard and construction paper realistically, and boom. Done.

Not quite how it worked out.

I wasn't really happy with my mockup. I liked the bridge and castle, and mountains. Other than that, it was just kind of boring, and still seemed too two-dimensional.

I was pretty happy with the sky.. which became a thing I wanted to do when I painted my shoes. But that's a whole other story.

Anyway, it's coming out pretty realistically, if just a bit dark, and bland. I like the purple and green and yellow. It's an interesting color pallet. There might be too much green though.

The next steps I'll take will be fixing the front of the path, and detailing the grass on the lower right side. The castle also needs to have more contrast, both lighter, and darker.

Thoughts? Ideas? Critiques? Let me know here.

#inprogress #painting #fantasy #mountains #space #path #bridge #thoughts

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