the story shack illustration collection

In 2014 I submitted a short story to a small webzine called

My story got published, and then I started illustrating for them.

I've been doing it since then.

Clicking on the pictures will bring you into a gallery mode.

Beneath the picture will be the author's name and a link to the story.


Skype Credit
Dollar Cleans House
The Prank
A Waltz for Two
An Immodest Proposal
Jesus and the Devil Walk into a Bar
The Mystery of the Wantom Flippsbury-Brown Nutcracker Hare
The Tooth
The Fifth Floor
Lesbians in a Dragon
Artificial Wife
Done in Before the Blue Ice Melted
Android Adoption Day
Spirit of the Beanstalk
Lady of Spades
Pickles And Whispers
Caucus at the Parking Meter
Chain Reaction

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